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The best way to save money when shopping locally or online: DealJar

Largest US "show your phone" mobile coupon service

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DealJar comes with a mobile coupon app that allows you to simply show your smart phone right at the point of purchase.

When you’re America’s largest discount program, it makes negotiating offers easier. Our massive network enables our offers to beat public coupons and promo codes – providing our members with average savings of $1700 each year.

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On average customers save $1700 each year.

Frequently Asked Questions

DealJar is North America’s premier members-only savings program. From famous national chains to your favorite local mom and pop shops, DealJar provides its members with exclusive deals and discounts that everyone can use and love.

Members have access to the most comprehensive savings program available with current average member savings of more than $1,500 per year!

When you sign up for DealJar you don’t have to wait to start saving! You get instant access which means you don’t need to wait to get your discount card or coupon book in the mail to start saving money. Our program works exclusively online—you can look up discounts on our website and print coupons from there or, if preferred, download our app and redeem your discount using your smartphone.

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  1. Sign up for Deal Jar.
  2. Check your e-mail for the login details for your new account.
  3. Login to your account to find discounts around you or discounts to your favorite online retailers.
  4. Or, you can download our show your phone discount app to redeem your discounts.
  5. Get instant access and start saving!

DealJar will give you instant savings on big box brands that you use every day. These popular brands don’t want us letting the general public know about the great deals they allow us to provide our members so we can’t list them here, but they are places like a huge amusement park in Anaheim California with a very famous mouse, a store you know well that rhymes with “Parget,” and a pizza place associated with the game dominos (wink wink).

In addition to these major name brands you will also save up to 70% on hotels, vacation rentals, cruises and car rentals.

We’ve got you covered from your everyday to your someday!

The average member saves over $1,700 per year (and 34% on every purchase) but the savings are endless!

For a short time only!

Start with a risk-free,  7-day free trial *

*Automatic renewal at $7.95/month thereafter. See our terms and conditions for additional details.